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Within Bill4Time there are over 30 different reports to choose from and thousands of ways to run the data in your account. You can also Print, Create a PDF to save to your computer, and export your reports to Excel for further customization. 

  • Bookmarked Reports - Bookmarked reports allow you to save reports you run the most to this dashboard. Click the start icon next to a report to send it to your Bookmarked tab.
  • Favorite Reports - Creating custom reports based on the fields you use the most has never been easier. When in a report, click the Save Filters button to choose a name and description for your report. Once this is completed, your saved report will show in your Favorite Reports dashboard so once you click the report, it will run with the saved filters you chose previously.
  • Accounting Reports - The Accounting reports include many reports like Invoice AR Aging, Trust, Payments Received, etc., allowing you to keep up to date with the amounts owing in your account.
  • Entry & User Reports - The Entry & User reports allow you to run the data entered in the program in many different ways. Run the Client Project Creation to view the Clients and Projects created in the time frame of your choice. Run the Monthly Productivity to view all billable and non-billable hrs per month per user as well as Amounts.
  • Summary Reports - The Summary reports will give you as much or as little data as you want. When running these reports by default it will show all time/expenses created in the time frame you choose grouped by either User, Client, or Project. Run the same report but choose "Use Summary Option" in your advanced filters to get a summary version of the exact report.
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