If you are looking to become a Bill4Time Pro, these three webinars will be your ticket to success! In less than one hour you can learn the basics of setting up your account all the way to advanced billing.


Getting Started

Get a quick start with the Bill4Time system.  This webinar includes:

  • The general Setup of the account including rates
  • How to create Clients and Projects
  • The many ways to add time and expenses



Simply Billing


Master the use of all the billing features in Bill4Time. The Simply Billing webinar includes:

  • The five different ways to change rates in the system
  • Flat rates, hourly rates , and contingency projects
  • Invoicing & Batching



Billing, Invoicing & Accounting


In this webinar, you will see the process of billing time, to creating an invoices, to receiving payments and applying it to invoices. This webinar includes:

  • Billing time to hourly, flat fee, & contingency projects
  • Creating Invoices & Batches
  • Adding and applying payments to invoices




If you are not a current client and would like to schedule a demo for your company, please click here to submit a request.


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