How do I setup a user?

First, click your name located at the top right of any page (if you are an Admin). Then click on Users which will take you to the User List.

There you can edit a previously made User or add a new one by clicking New User.

Note that each active user account is billed accordingly based on your monthly service plan.

The user account is now created.

Required Fields

  1. First and Last Name for the user
  2. Email for this user (required so the password can be retrieved if forgotten)
  3. Login and Password fields will be used by the user to login to the system
  4. Std. Hourly Rate is the default rate used to charge clients for work. This rate may be adjusted when setting up a client or project
  5. User Type - this will determine which options will be available to the user

Optional Fields

  1. Contractor is used for users who are paid only for hours that they bill clients, and is not on a standard payroll/salary. When checking the box, you will need to enter the amount that the Contractor is paid per billed hour in the rate field.
  2. Status - a new user is automatically set up as "Active." Selecting "Disabled" will deactivate this user and should only be done when you want to remove access to this account. Note: You are not billed for disabled users.
  3. Human Resource Information - you may enter in additional HR information if you wish by selecting the HR Information tab.

When you are done entering the information for this user, click on "Save Changes."

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