Can I download a backup of all my data?

Yes, system administrators can download a data backup at anytime.

  1. Top right, click on your name and then select Settings.
  2. Click the Export Data button at the top right.
  3. Click the Create Zip File link.
  4. Then depending on your browser you may be asked to either Open or Save to your computer. It may also automatically save your zip file in your Downloads.

The backup will pull your full Clients list, Project list, Contact list, Time Entries, Expense Entries, Internal Time Entries, Payments, Balance Adjustments, Trust Accounting, Invoices, etc., on separate excel spreadsheets on a CSV file.

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    Adam Vocks

    How can I automate this processes?  When you click create zip, I assume in the back end it zips our data and sends us a unique URL.

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    Kristin O'Neill

    The "Create Zile File" link allows you to pull the data and then downloading the file to your computer would be the step after that. There is not a way to automate this step. It is manual so you can backup to any computer at any point.

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