Can I transfer my data from my other time billing system into Bill4Time?

Yes, if you are on the Bill4Time Enterprise package we can import your Clients, Projects, Contacts, Entries, and Starting Balances into the program as long as your data can be in a CSV or Excel format with all fields in their respective columns

If you are on Bill4Time Pro we can do a one time import for your Client and Project list.

Email the Technical Support Team ( with your Company ID, request to import it into your account, and the files attached. It usually takes up to 3 business days to complete the import depending upon the amount of information. It is most helpful to include all files you wish to be imported so that this transfer of data can be completed without delays. 

*Please note that the spreadsheets must have a minimum of 50 rows of Clients, Projects, and Contacts. For Time and Expense entries the spreadsheets must have a minimum of 100 rows. The only other requirement is to make sure the client address information is all separated into their own columns. Example: Address 1, 2, 3, City, State, Zip, all to be separated into their own columns. Please see attached Client and Project example import files.*

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    Very useful to provide the examples. Thank you.

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