What does premium support include?

With our Bill4Time Enterprise Plans (Legal and Business), you get Premium Support, so what does that mean? Not only do you get the free phone, email, and chat support that is included with all of our plans, but you get these added benefits as well!

  • Data Imports- This can really come in handy when you are first starting out with the program. It allows you to import Clients, Projects, Contacts, Time Entries, and Starting Balances into the program as long as the data can be provided in a CSV or Excel Format. See attached formats to follow when ready to import. To learn more about data imports, check out this article here! Please note that imports take up to three business days for completion.
  • Custom Invoice Templates- Do you really like the invoice template you were using in your previous software or want our standard templates to include just a few more items? Well that is no problem, because with our Premium Support getting a custom invoice template created is as simple as sending an example of what you'd like the template to look like over to Please note that templates take a minimum of three weeks for completion.
  • Custom Reporting Options- Bill4Time offers many reports but is there just one report you are used to running that we just don't offer? Well, with our Premium Support that can be created for you as long as the information is already provided in the software and the limitations are included with how our reporting system operates. If you need a specific report created for you, just send the request over to Our developers will then review the request and get back to you within 24 business hours if there are any issues with the request. Please note, we need an actual example of the report along with full descriptions on what each column/filter does. Please note that reports take a minimum of three weeks for completion and only one active report request at a time.
  • Custom Data Fields- With custom fields, you can define unique fields that can appear in different areas of the program. You may create, remove, and update these fields as needed, and also make fields optional or required when users are on that desired page.
                 More info available here: How to Setup Custom Data Fields
  • Priority Service- All requests made to our support will have an expedited timeline.
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