How do I enter a starting balance for a client?

When new users start using Bill4Time, they will usually add existing clients, often with outstanding balances. You can add starting balances by Invoicing them so they go against your A/R and so that Late Fees can be applied to them:

  1. From the Dashboard click on the Add Time button.
  2. Change the Entry Type to Flat Fee Work.
  3. In the description, make sure that you state that this is the beginning balance carried over.
  4. Change the date to make sure that it is the first billable entry for this project.
  5. Fill out the rest of the required fields and click the Save & Duplicate button which will then keep everything filled in for you so you can do the same entry for your next client. Just make sure to change the client/project and the amount of the beginning balance.

Once you are finished, go ahead and create an invoice batch of all these starting balances.

  1. Click Invoicing from your blue menu bar and then Create Invoice
  2. Change your Start Date, Billing Through Date, and Invoice Date to the date you made your starting balance entries (from Step 4 above)
  3. Check the boxes next to all of your clients, then enter in a Batch Description (ex: Starting Balances) and click Save
  4. Now you will be on your batch of pre-bills so click into the first invoice at the top to Finalize it, then so on till all invoices are finalized. For a video on batching, click here.

Or if you want to just apply the late fee to the starting balance, create an invoice with the start date the day before the date chosen in Step 4, and the through date chosen in Step 4.

Also asked as, "How do I carry over a balance for a client?"

Also asked as, "How do I carry over the previous balance from my previous billing system?"

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