How do I use the time entry grid?


The time entry grid is a dashboard widget. It’s a fast way to enter multiple time entries on the Dashboard. This is not a timer. It is a place to put in entries with set time.

To Enter Time in the Time Entry Grid follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Client cell and begin to type. There will then be a list of likely clients you wanted.
  2. Click on the desired client on the list. A red warning icon will appear and a few cells will have red lines. They are required cells for the time entry to be recorded in the system.
  3. Fill out the Project (or Matter) cell, then the Activity and/or Task Codes if required. 
  4. Fill in the Notes for the entry.
  5. Put in the number of hours worked.
  6. And click on the Save icon to save your entry.

Note: Don’t know what to type in the cell? Click on the cell twice if you want to see the pull down list.


To Add Another Time Entry

  • Click on the icon of a big green plus sign

To Edit a Time Entry

  • Click on the clipboard icon for that time entry.


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