How can I override my rates for a single time entry?

This permission is defaulted for any System Administrator  but if you are not an Admin or do not have this ability you can turn this on in your settings or have an Admin allow this feature for you.

  1. Top right, click your name and select My Profile
  2. Click on the User Permissions tab
  3. Scroll down to "Time/Expense Entries" section and place a checkmark next to "Can Override billable rates on time entries," and click the Save Changes button
  4. Go to the desired time entry (make sure it's not part of a finalized invoice. If it is, then unfinalize the invoice first)
  5. Next to "Labor time" text box, you will see "Override Rate"
  6. Put a check mark next to "Override Rate" and put in the desired rate
  7. Click the Save & Close button



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