Where can I add Time & Expenses in the program?




There are many places in Bill4Time where you can add Time & Expenses and below will outline these areas:


1.) Time Entry Grid - The time entry grid is a dashboard widget and is a fast way to enter multiple time entries for any client and project. To learn more, click here.
2.) Plus icon - Next to each one of the Projects listed on the Dashboard you will see a plus icon. The plus icon will open a new time entry and fill in the client/project already for you.
3.) Add Time/Add Expense - From the Dashboard you will see the Add Time & Add Expenses buttons to open a blank entry.


1.) Add Time/Add Expense - Click the Add Time and Add Expense buttons to add new entries based on the day you are viewing.
2.) Enter Batch - The Entry Batch button will allow you to add 10 time entries at once.
3.) Duplicating - From any entry previously saved you can open to duplicate it to change further details as needed. To learn more, click here.


1.) Client/Project- From the Client or Project page you can click the Add Time or Add Expense buttons to add a new entry for that client or project.


1.) Multi Timer - The clock icon at the top right of the screen will open a Multi Timer feature. This will allow you to run multiple entries at once and pause/play as needed. To learn more about the Multi Timer feature click here.

2.) Plus icon (+) - You can click on the plus icon in the upper right corner next to your name and click on time entry.

3.) Mobile - You can download an application on the iPhone and Android to add time and expenses on the go. To learn more, click here.

4.) Desktop - You can download the Desktop Application to your computer to add time and expenses online or offline. To learn more, click here




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