How do I assign tasks for others in the office?

If you would like to schedule tasks for others in the account then follow the steps below:

  1. Click Scheduling in your blue menu bar
  2. Click on any day to pull up the Create Event page
  3. Top right, you will see an Attendees tab to click
  4. Check the box next to any user you would like assigned to this event
  5. Fill out the rest of the information
  6. Click the Save button

Note: It'll be beneficial to make sure the other users have the "Today's Schedule" Dashboard widget up, so they can see all of their assigned tasks.

  1. Click the blue Dashboard tab.
  2. Click the gear icon off to the top right of the page next to Add Expense
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the pull down menu at the right
  4. Choose Today's Schedule
  5. Click the Add button
  6. Click the "click here to finish editing" link to go back to the Dashboard
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  • Avatar
    Samuel A. Forehand

    How can one Bill4Time user create a task and assign that task to another Bill4Time user?  The information provided above describes how to schedule a new event and assign that event to another user.  How can we create and assign tasks, though?

  • Avatar
    Kevin Hall

    Is this information outdated? There isn't a drop down menu for an "Assigned to" field on the pop-up. There is now an attendees tab. Also, can the assigned user receive an email notification to inform them of the newly assigned task?

  • Avatar
    Samuel A. Forehand

    Mr. Hall,

    Bill4Time does not in any way faciliate or support task creation or management, as best I can tell.  I've been using Bill4Time since December 2011.

    I've been requesting task-management features, moreover, since March 2012.  In April, Bill4Time sent me the following response: "I'm still waiting for our developers to write up their development schedule for this year so I know if the Task Management feature will be on the list and in what month. Once they send it over to me after it's approved I will let you know ASAP."  In May, Bill4Time explained, "This is something we do plan on adding but it is probably a feature that will be worked on later in the year."  Bill4Time has not contacted me regarding task-management since.


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