How do I assign tasks for others in the office?




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    Samuel Forehand

    How can one Bill4Time user create a task and assign that task to another Bill4Time user?  The information provided above describes how to schedule a new event and assign that event to another user.  How can we create and assign tasks, though?

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    Kevin Hall

    Is this information outdated? There isn't a drop down menu for an "Assigned to" field on the pop-up. There is now an attendees tab. Also, can the assigned user receive an email notification to inform them of the newly assigned task?

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    Samuel Forehand

    Mr. Hall,

    Bill4Time does not in any way faciliate or support task creation or management, as best I can tell.  I've been using Bill4Time since December 2011.

    I've been requesting task-management features, moreover, since March 2012.  In April, Bill4Time sent me the following response: "I'm still waiting for our developers to write up their development schedule for this year so I know if the Task Management feature will be on the list and in what month. Once they send it over to me after it's approved I will let you know ASAP."  In May, Bill4Time explained, "This is something we do plan on adding but it is probably a feature that will be worked on later in the year."  Bill4Time has not contacted me regarding task-management since.


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