How do I link my Bill4Time calendar with another program?

If you would like to link your Bill4Time calendar to another program, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Scheduling in your blue menu bar
  2. Click on the Tools pull down menu
  3. Click the Link Calendar link
  4. Copy the code shown
  5. Go to your other calendar program
  6. Paste the code in the assigned location
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    Scott Phillips

    A true two-way sync would be preferable.  Is this in progress?  Without it, our team cannot add calendar events from within Google Calendar or their phone calendar apps that will then show up in Bill4Time.  Likewise, some of our partners own other businesses and have calendar feeds through multiple gmail accounts.  There is currently no way to see availability for any calendar except the Bill4Time calendar within the web application.  Google Sync would solve this by allowing a Google master calendar to sync events bi-directionally with Bill4Time.

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    Ten Tech LLC

    I would also like a way for me to push my Outlook events into bill4time...

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