Why is there an unbilled balance with nothing to invoice?

Under your Accounting tab you will be able to see Unbilled totals. Unbilled activity is both entries that have not been invoiced yet or entries that are still in pre-bill status and not on a finalized invoice. If you go to Invoicing - Create Invoice and there is no unbilled activity for your client to be invoiced or the entries that need to be invoiced do not total the full amount of unbilled activity then follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Invoicing - Find Invoice
    2. Top right, pull down the Client drop down to choose this particular client
    3. This will list all invoices for your client (both finalized and pre-bill)
    4. If you see a pre-bill sitting out there then this is where your unbilled activity is pulling from

You can either go into that invoice and Delete it (which will allow you to create the invoice again) or Finalize the invoice if you have already sent it out to your client.

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