How do I create a new invoice template?

In Bill4Time you can setup multiple Invoice templates and assign these templates to certain clients or projects that you would like to be set to different settings. Follow the steps below:


1.) Top right, click on your name and select Settings (Note, if you do not see the Settings then you do not have access to this area of the program and will need to contact the Admin)

2.) Click on the Invoice Setup tab

3.) Click on the New Invoice button

4.) Give a name for this template layout in the Template Name text box

5.) From the Content tab you will get to choose features such as:

  • Header - for Text, Image or Letterhead
  • Logo - set to the Company default or Custom
  • Company Details - to show certain address information & more
  • Client Details - to show certain address information & more
  • Options - to turn off payment history, balance due, etc
  • Line Spacing - from Single to Double
  • Paper Size - Letter or A4
  • Columns - to turn off certain columns like hours, rate, amount, etc
  • Footer Type - which can be set to Image, Text, or Letterhead
  • Advanced Options - like showing page numbers or repeating header/footer
  • Invoice Add-Ons - to allow for receipt attachments, trust accounting, or user summaries

6.) Click on the Cover Letter tab if you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan to customize a cover letter in the system. Click here to learn more.

7.) Click on the Design tab and choose which design to use

8.) Click on the Preview tab to see the results and go back to Content or Design to make further edits

9.) Click the Save button


The new invoice template is now available to be set as the company default or assigned to select clients or projects from their Invoice Presets tab. The changes made to the template will automatically make changes to the open invoices.

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