How do online payments work?

Online Payments through Bill4Time is a quick and easy way for you to accept credit card payments from your clients. Click here to learn how to setup your Client Portal. After enabling online payments, your clients can go to their client portal and click the "Pay Now" button. Your client can choose to pay the invoice amount, their entire outstanding balance, or a custom amount of their choosing.

Online Payment Options

Currently, Bill4Time supports Stripe, PayPal, LawPay, and Custom links.

StripeClick here to setup your Stripe account

PayPal: Click here to setup your PayPal account

Lawpay: Click here to setup your LawPay account

Custom: You can add a link to your own payment site so you would just need to add the payment site name and the link.

Once your client completes the payment process, funds will be deposited into your whatever account you have setup. The payment will also be posted in Bill4Time and deduct from your outstanding total.



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