How do I add a taxes to my labor or expenses?

There are two ways you can add a tax rate to your labor or expenses.

Adding a tax rate to your labor or expenses to full account:

  1. Top right, click on your name and select Settings (if you do not see the Settings, you do not have access to this part of the program and will need to contact an Admin to make this change)
  2. Click the Invoice Setup tab
  3. Click the Edit Settings button
  4. Put a check next to Calculate Tax on Labor or Calculate Tax on Expenses and put in the desired percentage
  5. Click the Save Changes button

Adding a tax rate to your labor or expenses per client:

  1. Click Clients from the blue menu bar
  2. Choose the desired client
  3. Click the Invoice Presets tab
  4. Click the Edit Presets button
  5. Uncheck Use Default Tax Rates
  6. Put in the desired percentages
  7. Click the Save button
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