How do I make an invoice batch?

To make an invoice batch follow the steps below including a step by step tutorial:

  1. Click Invoicing from your blue menu bar
  2. Click the Create Invoice button
  3. Choose your date range (Note that the Start Date is not checked by default because the system knows the last time you invoiced your client so it will automatically pull only the unbilled items from the last invoice you created)
  4. Put a check to the left of the clients and projects you wish to invoice
  5. Enter a Description if needed and then click the Save button

From there you can click on any listed invoice to view it and make edits. Click on the Print or Create PDF buttons to print out the invoices all at once. When you look at the invoice details, you can move from one invoice to another with the Back and Skip buttons. To go back to the batch details, click Batch Details located under the blue tabs.

Note: You will have to finalize each invoice individually. Once you finalize one of the invoices, the next invoice comes up to be finalized.


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    Shawn Roberts

    Can I email the entire batch of invoices in one email?

  • Avatar
    Jessica Rieper

    Why can't I batch a pre-bill batch and finalize them all together?  Why must they be individual?

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