How do I charge a retainer?




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    Russell Gache

    Sorry, this is not what I wanted.  I want to know HOW to create the invoice for the retainer.  Creating a normal invoice is easy, and assigning the payment once it arrives, but creating a retainer invoice is different because it is essentially a single invoice on an existing matter (project) created out of time sequence from the other recorded entries.  Support, can you add an article for how to invoice for a retainer?  You should name it:  "How to Invoice a Retainer to a Client."  Also, get rid of word "Charge" in this article.  A better word would be "Apply", because that is what the article is about.

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    I agree - I want to use the paypal feature linked with bill4time to request payment of a retainer and initiate it from the bill4time side.  I don't want to invoice a retainer.

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