How to Add a Retainer

To record a retainer, you have two options depending on the settings you have in the program.


For Legal plans: Under the Trust Account tab of the client or matter:

  1. If you need to add a bank account, click on the “+” symbol. Fill out all required information and press the “Save” button.
  2. Press the Add Deposit button. Fill out the required information and press the Save button.

This deposit will sit in Trust and be separate from your Accounting. You can pull funds from Trust to deduct from outstanding totals. Click here for further instructions.


For Standard plans: Under the Accounting tab of the client or matter:

  1. Press the Balance Adjustment button.
  2. Change the Type from Debit to Credit and fill out all further information
  3. Put in the Notes that this is a retainer.
  4. Press the Save button.

When invoices are sent out for this client or matter, the balance on the invoice will be a credit balance showing how much is left from the retainer automatically.


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