What does the Favorite Report Setup Wizard do?

With the "Favorite Report Setup" this will allow you to customize your reports filters to always run a report a certain way.

For example, if you run the Client Summary report each with a specific user, client, project, activity, etc., filled in then you can create that report with those filters selected so each time you run the report, it will automatically run. This will allow you to run your favorite reports faster and easier.

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    Robb, Erica

    would be nice if I could edit or delete the Favorite I created, once I see it isn't what I wanted! -- Erica

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    Kristin O'Neill

    Hello Erica, yes this is something we will be adding to the Favorite reporting in the near future. If you need any removed in the meantime do not hesitate to contact and we can assist you with that.

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