How do I add a new Project?


There are a few places to add projects in the program as long as you have access to do so.

First, go to Projects in your Blue menu bar, then from here click the Add Project button

Only the Client Name and Project Name are required when entering your project so if you are in a hurry, you can always go back and edit the project later to add more detail.

Other areas you can add new Projects are:

  1. In a time entry by clicking the green plus icon next to the project drop down.
  2. In the Client Details page by clicking the "Add New Project" link.
  3. On the Dashboard within the Recent Projects widget
  4. In the Widget & iPad.
  5. In the mobile applications.

There are three main billing methods when adding new projects in the program, Hourly, Contingency, and Flat Fee. To learn more about adding each one including video walk through, click here.

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