How do I setup my Trust Account?


To setup your Trust Account you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Clients from your blue menu bar and select any client
  2. Go to their Trust Account tab to the right
  3. First, click the plus icon to add a new Bank Account (Note: Account Name, Bank Name, and Account Number are required but do not link up to your actual bank account)
  4. Once you click to add the bank account go ahead and select this account from your drop down.
  5. Once this is completed, you can click Add Deposit to add funds into your account.

Once the funds are available in your Trust you can Add Disbursements for a third party vendor or pull funds from your Trust to your Operating. To learn how to do this, click here.


Note* If you do not have access to "Trust Accounting" you may have signed up for a standard plan which does not include Trust Accounting. Please contact Support at 877-245-5484 x2 or email to assist you with switching to a Legal plan.



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