Recurring billing.




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    Patrick Vernallis

    Hello Brett, 

    At this time, there isn't a feature that will automatically create a billable entry just once annually - but I can definitely see how that would be useful for tracking flat-fee engagements that span multiple years. 

    As a workaround, could you create all of the annual fee entries now and just date them in the future? This way, these will automatically come up when creating during that future billing cycle. 

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    Taylor Norton

    Patrick - good advice regarding creating all of the annual fee entries now and just dating them in the future, but you missed the main point of Brett's request, which is "...set for it to be billed the same time each year."  In other words, Brett and (I and others alike) would like to be able to schedule automatic billing (not automatic billable time entry as you kindly mentioned in your comment answer).  

    Could you please take another stab at asking Brett's question (and mine and other alike), please?  That is, how can we please schedule automatic billing, such as for example, an invoice will be automatically sent out (or t least automatically generated each month to be sent out), without us having to manually do that each month? 

    If you could implement that feature for everyone, or if possible, let us know how to accomplish that through existing Bill4Time billing platform, that would be great.  Thanks! 

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    Patrick Vernallis

    Hey Taylor, 

    Thanks for following up and clarifying Brett's request for him. It is not currently possible for Bill4Time to automatically create a fee entry, bill that to an invoice, and send it off via email without the user's input along the way. But this is a great idea and I can definitely see the time-saving potential. If our developers are able to implement a scheme like this, I will be sure to update this thread. Thanks again for the tip!

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