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    Nanci Sebo

    I have to say that this comes as a shock to me. I didn't know Bill4Time had a free option. I'm on the single user plan.

    I asked about what 'Legacy Plan' meant and here's the answer I got....

    "Earlier this month, Bill4Time changed their Plan pricing.
    So the plan you're on is no longer an active plan we offer. You will remain on this plan unless you require features that aren't supported by your current plan."
    Not really a surprise that they are upping costs since they were bought out and for what you get I think it's still well worth the money on the lowest plan for Single users.
    Good luck with your business. I hope you find a good solution.
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    Joel Clough

    All plans are per-user plans. Therefore, all plans can be single-user plans. If you pay for an entire year at a time, there is a slight discount off the monthly fee. The lowest cost option is $27/month. For a single user, that is a single payment of $324.00 all at once every year (assuming the fee remains steady.) If you pay monthly, your cost is $29.00/month which comes to $348.00/year.

    It is not like this is Westlaw where there the developer must constantly update with new material. If something like that was required, it could warrant such a hefty fee.

    When you compare this product to other business software - I chose to compare to Microsoft Office, it is way over priced for what you get. There is very little benefit for the cost. When you look at other software such as MS Office, you get a whole lot of benefit for less than what this costs. The pricing scheme does not make sense..

    Corporations and firms may be able to afford that. Living on a paralegal salary in the south east, not so much.

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