How do I enter more than one time entry at a time?

To enter more than one time entry at a time you can use the batch entry feature.


To access the time entry grid go to Time/Expenses in your blue menu bar and click the Enter Batch button. From here you can add 10 entries at once.


Fill in the fields required and click on Advanced to have further details like making the entry non-billable. If you are using the same Client and Project over and over again check the box next to “Copy fields from the previous line to the next” on the upper left corner. Then place your cursor in the “Billable” box of your first time entry and click the “Tab” button on your keyboard twice. This will fill in the second line with the details from the first line. Keep doing this for all 10 entries if you want, then go back and change anything else you need like the activity, service performed, date, or hours.



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