What do I need to know when exporting to LEDES?

When exporting to LEDES there are four main questions you need to ask:

1.)    Have I enabled the LEDES exporting option in my settings? If not, click your name at the top right and go to Settings. From here, click the System tab and Edit Settings button. Then check the box next to Enable LEDES File Export then enter in your Firm Federal Taxpayer ID.

2.)    Does my client require ABA Codes? If they require ABA Codes you can either turn them on in your whole account or per client so it does not affect the rest of your clients that do not require these codes.

  • To turn on ABA codes for the whole program go to Settings- System tab and click Edit Settings. From there check the box next to Enable ABA Standard Codes and click Save Changes.
  • To turn on ABA codes for just one client at a time go to Clients and click into one of your clients requiring these codes. Click Edit Details then change ABA Codes from Default to On and click Save Changes.

3.)    Does my client have a specific Client or Project (Matter, Case, etc) ID number? If so you would want to enter that in your Clients settings. Go to your client and click Edit Details and enter in this information in the LEDES Export Settings. If you have multiple projects under a client you can setup a Client Project ID for each of those Projects under the individual Projects account.

4.)    Does my client have a specific Timekeeper ID or classification they need for my employees? If so, click your name at the top right of any page and select Users. Then click to edit a user and bottom left you will see the option to fill this information in.

 Once all the information has been entered, at this point you can go ahead and export your invoices to LEDES to submit. The Export button can be found on any invoice (finalized or in pre-bill status) on the Invoice Details page.

Once you click to export to LEDES you can choose the file you want to select (LEDES 98B file is the standard export) and then click to export then save it to your computer (yes it will be a .txt file) which you can then submit to your electronic billing company. Once an invoice is submitted they will review it and if there are any errors it will let you know exactly what the errors are to go back and fix them to re-submit the invoice.


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