How do I create an invoice?


To create an invoice see the instructions below. Also, note the Create Single Invoice and Create Batch Invoice tutorials below:


  1. Click Invoicing from your blue menu bar.
  2. Click Create Invoice button.
  3. First, choose your date range if needed (top right). Note* that the Start Date is not chosen by default. The system will pull all unbilled activity since inception of your client/project, unless a Start Date is chosen to establish the beginning of the billing cycle.
  4. Check the boxes next to your clients/projects you would like to invoice.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You will now be at a Pre-bill (or batch screen if you selected more than one client or project). From the pre-bill you can edit the entries as needed and make any further adjustments or changes.
  7. When you are satisfied with the invoice, click the Finalize button.

Once an invoice is Finalized, it is ready for printing, saving, or emailing. If you would like to make further changes to the invoice, click the Unfinalize button.

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