How do I make an invoice summary?

By default, all time and expense entries will show each line item but if you would like this condensed to only show a brief description then follow the steps below:

  1. After creating the invoice, click the Invoice Summary tab in the Invoice Details page for this particular invoice
  2. Put a check next to Use Summary
  3. You will have two options, either Combine Labor and Expenses or Separate Labor and Expenses (this comes in handy if you would like to condense the Labor portion but show the details of the Expenses)
  4. Type in the desired description
  5. Click the Save button

Although you still see the time and expense items from the Invoice Line Items tab, when you click the Create PDF or Print buttons, the invoice summary will only be shown.

This is particularly useful when you bill retainers and you want to show clients only the total time billed and the total billed amount to the retainer. A good complement to this would be the Trust Account Summary.


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