How do I use abbreviations or auto-text?

Auto-text allows you to write abbreviations in your time entry descriptions which will be automatically change to their full text.

To Enable Auto-Text:

  1. Top right, click on your name and select Settings. (If you do not see the Settings link that means you are not an Admin or you do not have the permissions to get to this area of the program. Contact your Administrator to turn these settings on for you or to setup the Auto Text Types for you).
  2. Click on the Custom Lists tab.
  3. Find the Auto Text Types list and click the Edit link.

You will now need to choose a hotkey symbol. By writing the hotkey after your abbreviation will tell Bill4Time that it is an auto-text abbreviation. For example, if you hotkey is an exclamation point and your abbreviation is "ty", you would write "ty!" in the time entry description. Then write in what your abbreviation is and what the full text version should be. Then click the Add button to add that auto-text to the list.

When you are finished, click the Done button.



From there, open a new time entry and fill in your auto text type along with your hot key. As soon as you move your curser out of the description box the full text will appear.



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