How do I create statements for my clients?

Statements are used when you have to send a document saying that a previous invoice was not paid in full. This way, you make reference to a past invoice without resending the invoice.

  1. Click on the blue Invoicing tab
  2. Click on the Create Statement button
  3. Put a check next to the client that you want to make a statement for
  4. Click on the Generate Statement button. A popup window will open and you can print the statement from there.

Note: If you click on multiple invoices and then press the Generate Statement button, the popup window will include all of the statements together. If you print this out, it will not necessarily print out the statements separately.

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    Stephanie Heizer

    The way this is set up is incredibly time consuming.  As lawyers we have many clients who slowly pay off their balances after the case is complete.  Since I apparently cannot create an invoice for each of these clients (as no more time is being billed to them), it seems I will have to create a "statement" for each client separately.  Is there a way to at least have the URL removed from the generated statement since it will not open as a PDF?  It looks messy to send a client a statement with the URL at the bottom.

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