Can Custom Fields be added to my account?

Custom Fields are available to add on Bill4Time Enterprise accounts. The fields can be added to the User page, Client page, Project page, Time Entry, Expense Entry, and Invoice Details page. The options you can have for the custom fields are "Text", "Number", "Date", "List", "Client List", and "User List".

To set these in your account, top right click your name and select Settings. If you do not see the Settings option this means you do not have access to this area of the program. From there, go to your Custom Fields tab.

From here, click the "Add Custom Field" button and enter in your Field Label. Pull down to select an option from the drop down and click the icon to save it.

So for example, if you wanted to add a Date of Birth field to your Clients, write this into your Field Label and choose Date as your selection. 

If you choose "List" you will be able to click the icon to the right to add your fields or edit them at any point.

For a guide to the icons shown on this screen, see below:

- Save your custom field

- Delete your custom field

- If highlighted, it means you've made changes and still need to click to save your changes

- Edit or add items to your list

Please Note* We do not have control over the placement of the Custom Fields. They will show in the order they are added in.

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